Intrinsic Values

Count zu Bentheim-Tecklenburg and Helmut Lübke took a chance in 1955 and started manufacturing upholstered furniture. Their brand name Cor is Latin and means heart. The idea proved successful and the company thrived. Today, it is still managed by the owner’s family, led by Leo Lübke.
Made of leather, foam, and wood, these hand-made pieces soon become favourites. And rightly so, because as the proud owner of Cor furniture, you’ll feel the quality, and you’ll soon enjoy and appreciate it. The product range has grown, but Cor still offers German quality and design – which we, too, appreciate. And we hope these products by Cor will warm your heart.
The couch system Conseta from 1964 is an undisputed classic. Ahead of its time, it allowed buyers to choose elements of different sizes and combine them freely. Conseta is a bestseller even today and accounts for much of the company’s business volume. However, alongside this furniture classic, the company offers new designs from renowned younger designers, such as Metrica or Jehs+Laub.

  • Leo Lübke Owner of COR Sitzmöbel auf Conseta sitzend