There is furniture that makes you wish for cold and wet weather. So that you don’t need an excuse to snuggle up comfortably inside. One piece of furniture that does exactly that is Develius, the modular sofa by &tradition. The luxurious “lounge-scape” was designed by Dutch designer Edward van Vliet. To make sure that you can adapt it to your own wishes, the Danish furniture manufacturer &tradition relies on a system of 16 elements that can be individually combined. Everything is possible, from an intimate love seat for two to a public lounge. And since the easiest way to put your personal sofa together is to see – and try out – an example, Wohnidee now features one possible configuration of the Develius sofa in the Wohnidee boutique in Lucerne. Come in, sit down, and create your own dream sofa. After all, the next rainy day is sure to come!