New Ideas for the New Year

for the New Year

At the beginning of a new year, good resolutions abound – and the desire for change arises. We suggest: why not change something in your own four walls? Here are our 5 top tips for small changes that are easy to implement but can have a big impact.

Brighter Is Better!
Perhaps your walls could do with a new coat of paint? After all, it is pretty impressive what you can do with a little colour: You can give rooms personality, create comfort, influence lighting conditions, make rooms appear larger or more intimate, and stimulate or calm the soul. And more than that: colour expresses the personality of the residents. Of course, you don’t have to go all out and paint the whole room in your favourite colour. Especially if you are still unsure about which exact hue might suit your purpose, it is best to paint only one wall. You might be surprised what even that can achieve – for the room and for you!

Wohnidee Luzern AG Fritz Hansen

And if you do, don’t forget this simple principle: the human eye perceives arrangements of three, five, or seven objects as more natural and more harmonic than groups of two or four things. One possibility is to arrange two smaller objects around one larger one, as in the example pictured. So, take advantage of differences in size and shape, or even perspective. You’ll see, even small – but pretty – things can have a big effect.

Wohnidee Luzern AG Gay

Take Beautiful Books out of the Shelf!
Pimp your coffee table with a few coffee-table books: Arrange beautiful books next to each other, let them overlap, or stack them. This structures the flat table top without necessarily restricting your storage space, because the stacks can also be used to set down a glass, a cup of coffee, or a plate. The books set colourful accents and in addition, may serve as an invitation to browse. Remember: a good coffee-table book not only beautifies the coffee table; it is also a joy to read and reread.

Wohnidee Luzern AG Andtradition

Create a Green Oasis – Inside!
Houseplants have finally shed their dusty image. So, it’s high time to start thinking about them. Not only are houseplants in vogue, they are the perfect means to transform your rooms and bring a little garden flair to your home, even in the city. Our tip: keep pots or baskets uniform so that your green oasis doesn’t look like a primeval forest, but rather like part of your good furnishings. The combination of single larger plants with several small ones is particularly beautiful and looks most natural. Bonus: Indoor plants not only look beautiful; they can also provide a good indoor climate and better air!

Wohnidee Luzern AG Inneneirichtung

Get Expert Advice!
No one disputes the value of competent advice in economic or financial matters. So why not also seek expert advice when it comes to furnishing your home? At the Wohnidee boutique in Lucerne, you will find exactly that – as well as furnishing ideas and inspiration on 8 floors. Call us to arrange for a personal appointment: this way we can reserve our time for you. We look forward to answering all your questions and helping you realise your vision – and of course we are also happy to give you further tips for the furnishing of your home.