The Irio floor lamp by Baltensweiler brings light to dark seasons … or to dark corners. And it proves that a minimalist design is no obstacle to achieving maximum flexibility: thanks to magnetic contacts, the three sleek luminaire heads can be positioned freely along the rod – without needing any tools. So it’s always easy to switch to the right light scenario, regardless of whether you want to create a cosy atmosphere with gentle indirect light, illuminate a special work of art on the wall, or put your new, comfy sofa in the limelight. And once you are snuggled up on that sofa, the Irio luminaire also serves as a reading lamp, thanks to its attachable optics. Yet, anyone who may now think that the simple but elegant luminaire is a product of the far north, where winters are long and dark, is mistaken. Because the energy-saving “enlightenment” is actually made in Lucerne. Which should come as no surprise, really, considering that Lucerne is also known as the “City of Lights”.

Still not convinced? Come to our Wohnidee Luzern shop in Lucerne’s old town and let us enlighten you!