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Design Highlights of 2018

Once again, the world’s best designers met at the furniture fairs in Milano and Cologne to show their most beautiful pieces. Wohnidee Luzern, too, was there for these special occasions, wandering the halls with critical and curious glances, picking the best pieces to bring back to Switzerland. These can now be discovered at the Wohnidee boutique in Lucerne. However, we couldn’t resist presenting a few highlights and some of our favourite pieces right here on the blog as well:

Wohnidee Luzern AG Highlights 2018

Pavilion Chair by &tradition

The Pavilion Chair was originally created for Copenhagen’s iconic Langelinie Pavilion, which overlooks the waterline promenade that is also home to the Little Mermaid. The effect of this graceful, airy piece designed by Anderssen & Voll is almost poetic – or should we say, it’s like something from a fairy tale?

Flexform Campiello Wohnidee Luzerbn

Campiello by Flexform

Soft, but with clear lines; comfortable, but at the same time extremely elegant. Campiello, the new sofa designed by Antonio Citterio, stands out – not only for its straightforward style, but also for its exceptional softness. Its cushions are filled with down and so soft that one just wants to sink into it.

Wohnidee Luzern AG Highlights 2018

Schrankone by Nils Holger Moormann

A highlight in terms of its design and a stroke of genius in terms of its construction: Schrankone by Nies Holger Moormann is a flexible wardrobe and shelf system that adapts to different room sizes and needs – and does so without using a single screw.

Wohnidee Luzern AG Highlights 2018

Sting by COR

One might be tempted to think that side tables are – as their name suggests – just an aside. This does not necessarily have to be the case, however; on the contrary, there are side tables worthy of taking centre stage, as COR’s side table “Sting” clearly proves. Designed by Jehs & Laub, the stylish, minimalist piece is available in different colours and shapes.

Wohnidee Luzern AG Merwyn Wittmann

Merwyn by Wittmann

Elegant, comfortable, and hand-made: Sebastian Herkner’s chair “Merwyn” perfectly reflects the philosophy of the Austrian furniture manufacturer Wittmann. In our opinion, the traditional family enterprise has just added new classic to its collection.

Wohnidee Luzern AG Highlights 2018

Enfold by Muuto

The Scandinavian design label muuto never fails to deliver! One of our favourite pieces of 2018 is the Enfold sideboard designed by Thomas Bentzen. A mix of cold and warm materials and a hint of “industrial chic” make this a special piece indeed.

Wohnidee Luzern AG Highlights 2018

Toolbox by HAY

No more chaos! The plastic Toolbox, designed for HAY by Shane Schneck, may not tidy up for its owners. But with its practical side and grip compartments, it makes keeping order a lot easier – and much more stylish.

Wohnidee Luzern Muuto

Beam by Muuto

So straightforward and yet so versatile! Seeing the table lamp “Beam” for the first time, one might like its clean lines, but will probably not expect it to be too flexible. Yet, the little bright accessory by Tom Chung has hidden qualities – such as a rotating base and a dial to alter the brightness of each of the two light beams.