Trio Sofa

a sofa for all situations

Trio by COR – a sofa for all situations

Seating element, back element, and corner element – the design of the Trio Sofa by COR uses only three elements. As the name already indicates, so not much surprise there. What is perhaps surprising, however, is how many different combinations are possible. And how easily the different elements can be rearranged. Because the Trio Sofa does not come in a fixed configuration that you have to choose in advance. On the contrary, you can arrange and rearrange the elements you have picked. Whatever your current requirement, be it a comfortable space to snuggle up with a book, or be it a generous sofascape for a TV night with friends, the Trio adapts to your momentary needs. To make sure that you don’t have to adapt your programme to your sofa. That it looks elegant in any configuration is a matter of course; after all, it is manufactured by COR and was designed by the Swiss Team Form in 1972. While you might admire its masterful design from afar, for example on the Wohnidee website, you’ll need to visit us for a closer look. After all, the true beauty of a sofa lies not in its appearance, but in the comfort that it offers. Therefore, visit us in Lucerne to try out the Trio Sofa by COR: come in, sit down, relax … but don’t fall asleep, however tempting that may be!

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